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Hayden Christensen Broke Up, Delores Pauldo is in Euphoria right away!

September 22 2017 Published on #Hayden Christensen, #Rachel Bilson, #broke up, #creepy fan, #Anakin Skywalker, #Darth Wader

      Yes, Hayden Christensen/Anakin Skywalker/Darth Wader and Rachel Bilson have just split up after 9 years, and the creepy, ugly, old and still virgin Delores Pauldo is now full drunken and continually dancing around the campfire celebrating this 'good news' until to get out of breath. she thinks he "was right"! Because according to her, Hayden has been hating Rachel for 9 years, making a child for joke. She believes that her dreams of 15 years have come true and Hayden now is going to run her, to fall in love with her and to be hers!

     Now she is convinced even more that Hayden shall soon be looking for her and choose her as WIFE, only Rachel was the obstacle between them so far. LOLOL. But remember! They have already broken up once for 4-5 months and were engaged, too!

    Unfortunately for Delores, if not Rachel then another young and famous actress (or similar) will come to his life, not a 50-y-old maniac, mentally ill fan...


Hayden and Rachel split

Hayden and Rachel split

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George Clooney's New Response to the Middle Age Panic?

September 22 2017 Published on #Amal, #tired Clooney, #twins, #praising male twin

       I do not understand why Clooney is always praising that the male twin is bigger, stronger, wilder than the much smaller and weak female one! What the heck is the purpose of him with this? Does he have a minority complex next to Amal? Mainly that she just returned to the world of human rights. Either is he male chauvinist, too and he wants to emphasize that boys are much 'better, stronger' already as babies? Normally there is not much difference between them. Or he wants to proove that his son won't be as short as him? I saw many twins and if one of them is much bigger, stronger than the other then there is something serious problem: any illness or one of them are not getting as much food.

      Besides, he always complains about his tiredness due to constant diaper changing meanwhile he has many helpers. But yes, partly true, it's tiring to be a dad at the age of a granny (even if he has plenty of nurses and servants) and drink alcohol all day. He is "befuddled and crying" because he has now realized the result of his middle age panic and offended vanity, and even that now he's no longer a sex symbol and he is aging 25 years in three.

      He got what he wanted just to overthrow Keibler. No CIA in it, no money in it, only stupidity.


Their twins will be this beautiful...

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Clooney and Amal are in trouble!

September 8 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal Alamuddin, #billionaire Clooney, #conspiracy theory, #fake twins

Clooney, Amal and their twins are in big trouble...according to Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette!

     Because the twins are currently hidden in Moses baskets, but how will they get real kids instead of the current "fake twins" or "toy dolls" if they start getting caught out of the Moses basket? What kind of kids are going to run around them? Hollywood "actor kids"? Or will they be able """successfully""" to hide them from paparazzi for a lifetime, so will not it ever turn out to raise "non-existent" children??? How much, how hundred millions would this play including more hundred people cost to CIA (and tax payers) during a liftime?

     Who will be the mother who lends her twins for money for playing Clooney's fake children for a lifetime for any mentally ill reason which Steinbeck and Lurkerette think? Or do they buy twins from orphanages? And how will they make the infants to play their fake children? Either Clooney will make them believe that he is the real father and they all will live their lives to the end this way happily? But for what stupid reason? Because Clooney is afraid of CIA and gets money and forced by the whole world for being ""very important person"" in politics? And will he be afraid for the end of his life? And how does CIA force him exactly? Will they not allow him to drink tequila anymore??? Oh, come on! By this way in both cases, if it lasts for a lifetime or for decades, the kids could already be their own blood-fed kids, right? What is the different between bringing up own children from birth and bringing up stranger children from birth (from the perspective of the children and the world)? Or does the CIA change diapers and bring up the kids in the background?

     Steinbeck and Lurkerette have seen too many stupid American spy films, they believe that America is all against the world, and the trick of 7.3 billion people is the goal of a lifelong acting for meaningless, senseless reasons created by Steinbeck-Lurkerette not to reveal being deadly jealous of Amal and in love with Clooney .

    In the end, it turns out that either Clooney or Amal and their family have killed J.F. Kennedy years ago! According to Steinbeck / Lurkerette - who are no better, no more nobles at all than Amal or Clooney scolded by them night and day, and  are unable to accept reality and come up with more and more inexplicable explanations - the American government having too much free time to play around and "forces?" an unworthy alcoholic filmstar (for money and by threatening) to marry a modernized Arab lawyer to """solve"""" the Arab-US conflict and forces them to play happy partners for a lifetime with orphanages or fake Hollywood kids.

    Would it really have such an influence on the CIA that it would be able to sacrifice two babies and their whole lives for the sake of an alleged cowardice which will not solve anything? And would everyone look at it with their hands in their lap and agree? Will this bring the world peace?  Did the """"sham-fake"""" marriage of Clooney make the world peace, the aim of CIA, or is it about making-solving the world peace? There are countless Arab-Jewish and Arab-Christian, Christian-Jewish marriages in Hollywood, have they brought the world peace? On the contrary, since then the situation has been much worse and getting worse step by step.

    Anyway, the most of mentally ill fans've switched to another stupid thing to not have to admit that Clooney and Amal are having sex. This is the """Surrogate Theory"""! Since they cannot deny the existence of twins they have twisted on the 'explanation' and they invented a "surrogate mother" to somehow explain the existence of twins "without sex". Pathetic. What matters was there a surrogate or not? What's wrong with this? Nothing. The children are still their and not the surrogate's. This Surrogate Theory just matters so that many stupid fans can be relieved and take a big breathe and hope on further that Clooney will not have sex with Amal, he's just waiting for the female and male fans and the truly big love "ANNA" he's hiding in his basement. 


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Why does Steinbeck hate his sister, Amal Alamuddin?

August 2 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal Alamuddin, #sister, #brother, #Steinbeck

    Mentally ill Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy is a very bad sibling. He hates his sister Amal Alamuddin because his big love, George Clooney loves not him but her, Amal. In additional, Steinbeck is deadly jealous of Amal because of George and he found a partner in hating Amal in the other mentally ill and Clooney admirer person of Lurkerette.

   Unfortunately, the jewish Steinbeck hates his sister, Amal, because she comes from Lebanon and everybody knows well that jewish DNA and arab DNA from the islam countries around Israel are almost the same, the similarity between of two DNAs is 99%. This is why jewish and arab hate each other, because they cannot decide whether which of them was there sooner and which of them comes from the other nation. Arab from jewish or jewish from arab??? So, the fact is they are sisters and brothers, relatives.

    Steinbeck is a very bad brother.

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Billionaire Clooney still PAID by CIA/ Alamuddin family to play the loving husband and father.

June 22 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal Alamuddin, #billionaire Clooney, #Casamigos, #Diageo, #Rande Gerber

"George Clooney doesn't need your Target gift card for diapers and strollers, because he and Tequila partner Rande Gerber just scored a billion bucks by selling their Casamigos brand.

The buyer -- Diageo, a British alcohol beverage company.

     George and Rande agreed to stay with the company, which means they'll rake in even more."

by TMZ. Certainly according to Mossad-paid terrorist Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette this is only "another deceiving" to fool people because after getting half billion dollars for Casamigos Clooney still paid by CIA and Alamuddin family and other terrorists to play the happy daddy and loving husband. And certainly Clooney still threatened by CIA/Alamuddin family/terrorists and still afraid of them but meanwhile is happy for the lots of money and the "slavery"! "Poor" Clooney, how important person he is for the whole world! For Islam terrorists, for the whole USA-CIA, for the whole Europe, for the Christians and so on. It's luck that he was born and exists because who would replace him? Nobody can reach his greatness, talent, beauty and youth....

    And how much money hunger he can be! Nothing is enough for him. I think he will buy and drink alcohol from the billion, what else? :) Either spends to whores(and Viagra), or "Anna" in the basement?

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Conspiracy theories of Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

June 9 2017 Published on #Clooney, #conspiracy theory, #mad fans, #Amal Alamuddin

       It's terrible where to go if fans with serious mental problems can not accept the fact that their favourites have not chosen them! See Delores Pauldo with Hayden Christensen! They are capable of producing all kinds of senseless, incredible conspiracy theories just because they are unable to accept that Clooney does not love them and never will. Those dumbfounded think if Clooney is not married, has no loved one, children, is single and whore hunting, then they still have a chance to be Clooney's lovers. They do not realize that celebs never get married with fans, they are just having sex with them in the dressing room at least once, between two cigaretts.

       Well, according to mad fans being in love deadly with Clooney, he and Amal's wedding was an organized showcases in which hundreds of people and three countries's goverments plus MI5, CIA ,of course, were involved with obligation of secrecy, and since then as a consequence of the "easily sustained lie" more and more people are involved in this "worldwide scam" in every year. Now it is likely the birth of twins such a world-wide cheating. The numbers of involved people might be exposed to millions in ten years. And everybody shall keep the secret that Clooney's marriage just 'sham". Clooney/Amal/CIA/anybody certainly pay millions per year to these people to keep silent and keep the secret about the "fake marriage, fake children, fake family", and "certainly" these lot of people will keep the secret to the end of their lives about that Clooney does not have sex with Amal only with "Anna" or prostitutes, twins are not of them, they only play the happy family because Clooney are afraid of, threatened and paid by CIA.

        And where are they going to get "fake grandchildren"? How do they take the twins, grandchildren, so that they will lie for a lifetime?  If there is any point in it in 20 years...

       I congratulate them for organizing it better than Kennedy murder. The whole Rockefeller family holding the United States in hands could learn from them. Or are they organizing it?

       Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette with her "Anna" are the leaders in the production of these stupid, senseless theories. Behind all the idiot theories is that they are unable to accept that Clooney does not need them but someone else.

Yeah, and Elvis lives!


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George Clooney (or a sperm donor) and Amal's fake robot twins have arrived!

June 7 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal, #twins, #fake twins, #giving birth, #sperm donor

So, according to the mentally ill Steinbeck and Lurkerette, Amal gave birth the fake robot infants and they gave the fake robots names, too: Ella and Alexander. I would be wondering where two real kids would be taken by them for the next 70-80 years to play fake family for a lifetime, just because Clooney is threatened and paid by CIA/terrorists for a lifetime as a "CIA asset"? Well Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette? Answer me! Is there some point in the whole thing at all?

Give it up already! Either the fake twins soon will die in a secret disease, weakness, inability, genetic defect? Then Clooney and Amal will immediately separated, divorce in sorrow? Tell me at last because I am in the fever of curiosity, what kind of pity you find this time?

But there is an other version of the stupidity, a kind of new development, namely that the twins by Amal's egg and a sperm donor man! So, children might be not fake but their father a strange man or terrorst.

 And what is the sense or point of a sperm donor if Clooney is the official father? I don't understand it exactly yet. And the sperm donor is very similar to Clooney? Just to have some stupid "explanation" if twins will resemble Clooney (nose, face, eyes)? For example Amal had searched for months a 100% look-a-like Clooney men that Clooney to play that he is the father "officially" and nobody to notice cheating? Clooney will bring up strange kids because is afraid of CIA/terrorists? What is the sense of it exactly? That stupid fans being in love with Clooney can calm and deceive themselves that although he is a father of two children but has no szex with Amal and he lives in celibate or only has sex with "Anna" in secret, either prostitutes, but not Amal? Is this bullshit better, easier to accept? On this basis, he could even be the "real father" if already he lives in "slavery" this way or that way.





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Charlie Sheen has an old AIDS and a new GIRLFRIEND

June 6 2017 Published on #Charlie Sheen, #AIDS, #new girlfriend, #alcoholist, #TMZ news

        It's shocking when I red on TMZ that Charlie Sheen with deadly disease AIDS has a new girlfriend!!! According to stupid TMZ this whore is "hot and smoking", and for others "pretty blond". And an great idiot or/and fame and money whore. Sad that in vain you have AIDS, in vain you are alcoholic, drug taker, in vain you are old and ugly and infectious you'll always get a bitch if you have enough money and fame! And this idiot Sheen even dragged her daughter into his filthy affair!

       What kind of female could be that who gets together with Charlie Sheen? Certainly only a total mentally ill or porno whore or any kind of whore who has anything OK but gets money and luxury, doesn't care about anything. Does anybody think that she "loves" Sheen and vice versa?

       If she does at least as much as money and fame. As much as 15 minutes fame, reputation which is obligatory and deserved for everybody... according to Americans. Of course Sheen is "proud"! He was proud of his every porno whores! Now he can be proud to manage to find an idiot at all who "loves" him and having sex with him....

New squeeze: Charlie Sheen introduced his girlfriend Jools on Thursday as the pair celebrated his daughter's 12th birthday at an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica

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Aniston-Jolie war has ended?

May 30 2017 Published on #Jennifer Aniston, #Angelina Jolie, #Brad Pitt, #marriage, #war, #Clooney, #cheating

Was it war at all once?

     Both sides of their fans claim that both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are angels, saints and Virgin Maries. Certainly it's not true even from far. Aniston anno threatened the teenager Brittney Spears to beat her if she dared to dream about Brad Pitt, because Aniston was that much jelous of every girls including children. She was clinging with her tooth and nail to the bad "belle boy" whom every woman desires in the whole world. Both of them are an average players.

    The anorexic, bulimic and self-starving Jolie simply jumped on Brad Pitt during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and forced him to leave Aniston and marry her. Of course, Jolie has got what she wanted: a drugtaker, alkoholist filmstar who cheated Jolie as many times as he could, even during when Jolie was giving birth the twins. In vain Jolie finished all of her friendships to be able around Pitt 24 hours a day and in vain she hired private eye to follow every step of Pitt. Aniston was also blame to because she made him mad by her jealousy. In additional, the drugtaker, alcoholist Brad Pitt slowly looks as bad as George Clooney. Jolie suddenly realized in the shadow of breast cancer and ovarian cancer that Brad was not the most appropriate partner for achieving a healthy and long-lasting life, for whom she had become bone thin to keep her "youth" and to stop Brad's infidelity. She did not really succeed. And now she knew it. It is not so good to be the wife  of the "most beautiful men" in the world.

Finally, they both got what they deserved: bad marriage!

Maybe they could make friends.

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Amal Alamuddin's "prosthetic" bell

May 11 2017 Published on #Amal, #Clooney, #pregnancy, #fake bell

    According to mentally ill and schweinehund Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette, Amal does have a prothestic pregnancy bell in order to deceive the world, and "certainly" she makes a bigger one in every month. Because this is such a good thing! According to Mossad-paid and fanatic muslim-hater Steinbeck, Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney have settled for that in the future. Because Clooney is a "CIA-asset" and threatened and paid by CIA and Amal's terrorist family. You can laugh here...Clooney shall live the rest of his life to play a fake husband, fake father, fake lover and fake everything, because "he is afraid" of CIA and well paid. Alcoholist, whore mongering and a very bad actor Clooney is a very important "key-figure" in the politics of USA.

    So, In june, Amal is going to give birth prosthetic infants! Hollywood trick masters have already begun to manufacture the artificial infants and will make another ones in every half year for Clooney and Amal to play "parents" with prosthetic babies in public! And they will bring up prothestic children in the future, because this is good for Amal for any unknown reason! According to Steinbeck and Lurkerette! The 18-year-old prosthetic Clooney-children will be perfect robots with human form, like in the sci-fi films, because technique will evolve by that time and Clooneys will still happily play the "loving family"! Certainly meanwhile Clooney will steadily visiting "Anna", his "true love prohibited by CIA" in secret in the basement. Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette are spreading this theory on every web site where they are allowed to write this hateful rubbish bullshits.

   Yes, dear readers, it can get to this by mental illness, and I'll send it to every fanatic "fan", including the middle aged oldmaid Delores Pauldo, who has been waiting for Hayden Christensen for 15 years. All of them are in deadly love an unknown celeb and cannot bear, tolerate that not being loved by the celebs. This poisoned their minds, took their common sense, and no doctors treat them. Pathetic.



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