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Let me summarize the mentally ill Steinbeck's and the other mentally ill Lurkerette's rubbish nonsense on Clooney and Amal's relationship! (with my not perfect English)

Amal, in 1982, at the age of 4, became terrorist with her arms dealer uncle together after jewish Steinbeck's Israel invaded Lebanon (for the first time) and many people fled, Alamuddin family, too. They fled all the way to England, to that England which called for the formation of Israel anno (Balfour Declaration). Since then the anti-Western and anti-America Amal and her uncle have kept exploding and inciting against West- and USA - even accidentally not against Israel and Jews - while the family lived luxury life in England from terrorism. The ugly, anti Western/USA, terrorist Amal did not get marry at the age of 9 but went to the university to be lawyer of human rights and did everything which are mortal sins in Islam: drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, wearing mini skirts, non-wearing burqa and so long, and finally becoming famous by an alcoholic, whore monger American filmstar to marry. She only defends islam terrorists as a human rights lawyer but no one seems to assume that she (and other lawyers with her) defends only terrorists. Every terrorist certainly studies to be human rights lawyer to be able to defend each others!

Clooney - who has cca. 200 million on his own - gets couple of millions (or one billion) from CIA, as a "CIA asset" and also is threatened by CIA to marry the ugly, anti-USA, terrorist and rich Amal, because the CIA thinks so that the big-stinky-nobody alcoholic, whore monger Clooney and Amal's marriage is a very good gesture to the Islam that USA is not angry because Islam wants to destroy America and the whole Christianity. Clooney creates a huge 3-day-long fake wedding with fake papers with fake guests in agreement with the Italian and British governments and authorities, and he starts trash her wife under pseudonyms on the internet as a revenge and it makes him very happy, splashing in the happiness that he managed easily fooled the CIA and his wife!

Meanwhile in USA, Clooney's 'real love', the big-nobody "Anna" is also threatened by CIA and has been waiting for 20 years in the basement, hidden, secretly, patiently, in burqa for that her big love, the alcoholist, whore monger and secretly GAY Clooney shares his time between her and his other big love, the hairdresser Waldo - already when he is just sober and just not belittles his wife on the internet. And Clooney, Amal, Anna, Waldo and the CIA live happily together until they die...or just would live if it were not Steinbeck and Lurkerette who do know the truth and do not leave it at that! They do know also that Clooney has not have sexed with anybody else but Anna/Waldo in the last 20 years, and he paid whores millions for NOT having sex with them, only grinning with them on the red carpet for 20 years! As if it would matter to CIA whether Clooney loves the grinning whore or not beside him! So, he was faithful during the last 20 years, in fact, practically Clooney is still virgin and a poor victim! The End.

Shall we weep or shall we guffaw?


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Denise 03/28/2017 23:31

You communicate very well.
It's obvious Clooney got in over his head and coerced, I just didn't know how. So thanks.
The sham marriage to this Islamist , terrorist sympathizer and bush league lawyer backfired badly and he's looked like an idiot for three years. Now twins?!!
But he took the low road trashing his exes; so I don't weep. I'm laughing.

03/29/2017 15:30

Thanks, too. It's a little bit stronger that he is coerced, but there is really something in the background (and not CIA). I bet to political carrier in the future (in vain he denies), maybe as president, and now Clooney paves the way to be president 10 years later when people remember Clooney as a "decent husband" with wife with perl necklace and hat and two children (the typical family model in USA). The next generation will hardly remember Clooney's alcoholist and whore past. It will be history for them and he will be quite "international" for immmigrants to vote him.