Clooney - Amal pregnancy story

February 12 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal, #pregnancy, #twins

New developments! Amal is pregnant with twins. Let's see how Steinbeck and Lurkerette see it!

According to them George Clooney is the new Michael Jackson (who is with 3 children from 3 different fathers by artifical insemination)!

So, Clooney - underwent vasectomy and/or his sperms are too old to be a father (both by his own admission?) and doesn't have sex with Amal at all but Anna and Waldo (Steinbeck saw it with his own eyes!) - will be a father of twins, soonly. According to mentally ill Steinbeck the "real father" of children is an ISIS terrorist probably, and of course by artifical insemination. And the 55-year-old alcoholic "CIA asset" - threatened every day by CIA - tolerates and bears it pretty well! And this threatend "CIA asset" will play the father of terrorist children and husband of a terrorist for 30 years or until he dies for a fun and daily terror, because he terrifies of CIA. Since Clooney is a key figure in the American history and also in the CIA history. Without Clooney America crashes!

Imagine an 55-year-old "CIA asset" and later then a 85-year-old rickety, sitting-in-wheelchair  "CIA asset" Clooney still terrifying and threatening by CIA to stay with the 70-year-old still terrorist Amal and with the 30-year-old twins! Of course, Anna's even going to wait for Clooney in the basement, faithfully.

Certainly, Steinbeck still keeps hoping in a "false/fake miscarriage" explaining Clooney's pretending life (in which he is happy and satisfied).

But it is also possible that CIA "allows" him in ten-twenty years to divorce!

And certainly, according to Lurkerette, not Amal is pregnant, but ANNA (in the basement) or with an Amal-mask on her face, and she will the mother of the twins but Amal and Clooney will bring them up. Sometimes Anna can see her children in secret, and the twins will never know their "real mummy". Because Clooney terryfies and is threatened by CIA!

Shall we guffaw or shall we weep?

No, this picture is NOT a MISTAKE!


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Sharryfa Mohammad 03/08/2017 22:40

..... what a great love story .....

BY THE WAY ....... I never met George clooney .... BUT ... I made a movie with him .... you can hear it & read the in comment ,,, below the videos to understand the story



PS. you'll find my movie on my account on Instagram .... if you write this nickname ( QUEEN SHARRY ) .. and you'll find my real & full name too

Sharryfa Mohammad 03/11/2017 00:44

thanks ( again ) for your support .. and you're welcome .. always

03/09/2017 15:58

OK! Thanks. I'll see it.

Sharryfa Mohammad 03/08/2017 22:40

............No , No , I have BETTER STORY ..... it called ...


....... Please Remember ... this story from my imagination only ....

SHANNEN CLOONEY .. the Australian woman ,,, she was the TRUE LOVE of George clooney ( not Ana ) ,, she left him and got married to another Guy .. she loved george ,, NO ,, she worshiped him , but he didn't love her back ,, and he didn't support her BUSINESS ( because she's Little business woman ) .. then the other GUY came to her life ,, he loves her & supports her .. so SHANNEN loves him back ( the other guy ) ,, then they got married ..... GEORGE got upset , real upset ..... ( you wonder how do I know ... Easy .. I'm going to tell you ) .... George used to deny AMAL'S PREGNANCY ,,, always does ,,, BUT this time he didn't ,,, because he's trying to pass her off ,, he wants her feel JEALOUS .. but it didn't work ,, it's obvious ...

let me put my touch on this story

FIRST .... let me help you all to see how
SHANNEN looks like & her Husband ... if this link works

we always read ( in comments & in this page ) George works for CIA ,,, so george killed Shannen's Husband .. T-T
Shannen couldn't prove that George the one who killed her husband ...

George succeeded separating their bodies from each other,, but he wasn't able to separate their spirits
George was so happy ,, he thought he will have her back ... but Shannen destroyed his happiness
by telling him that ( George ..you succeeded separating our bodies from each other,, but you will never able to separate our spirits ,, because he keeps coming to me ,, he's always visiting me in my dreams

03/09/2017 16:01

Shannon Clooney...Good! Better than the Lurkerette's story about non-exist Anna (or she is Anna in her mind).

sharry 03/01/2017 14:02

I think that george loves Amal so much , he wants publicity marriage , so does she , that's why they fit for each other

03/25/2017 17:04

Sorry, I don't understand it exactly but you're welcome.
Unfortunately I can't find Queen Sharry in Google (I have no instagram). Could you send me a link?

Sharryfa Mohammad 03/11/2017 00:25

A - thanks for your support ... making & writing stories is in my blood
B - what do you mean by (or she is Anna in her mind) .

03/01/2017 17:54

Yes, it's probable. Jack got his Jill.

abu.yaqub 02/15/2017 08:14

I want see Anna ... they always talking about her

02/16/2017 11:49

So do I! But "Anna" doesn't exist, only in the mind of Lurkerette. According to her "Anna" is the real and big love of Clooney for decades but the CIA does "not allow" their love because Clooney is a "CIA asset" :) and the CIA chooses the sluts for him.