Hayden Christensen Broke Up, Delores Pauldo is in Euphoria right away!

September 22 2017 Published on #Hayden Christensen, #Rachel Bilson, #broke up, #creepy fan, #Anakin Skywalker, #Darth Wader

      Yes, Hayden Christensen/Anakin Skywalker/Darth Wader and Rachel Bilson have just split up after 9 years, and the creepy, ugly, old and still virgin Delores Pauldo is now full drunken and continually dancing around the campfire celebrating this 'good news' until to get out of breath. she thinks he "was right"! Because according to her, Hayden has been hating Rachel for 9 years, making a child for joke. She believes that her dreams of 15 years have come true and Hayden now is going to run her, to fall in love with her and to be hers!

     Now she is convinced even more that Hayden shall soon be looking for her and choose her as WIFE, only Rachel was the obstacle between them so far. LOLOL. But remember! They have already broken up once for 4-5 months and were engaged, too!

    Unfortunately for Delores, if not Rachel then another young and famous actress (or similar) will come to his life, not a 50-y-old maniac, mentally ill fan...


Hayden and Rachel split

Hayden and Rachel split

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George Clooney's New Response to the Middle Age Panic?

September 22 2017 Published on #Amal, #tired Clooney, #twins, #praising male twin

       I do not understand why Clooney is always praising that the male twin is bigger, stronger, wilder than the much smaller and weak female one! What the heck is the purpose of him with this? Does he have a minority complex next to Amal? Mainly that she just returned to the world of human rights. Either is he male chauvinist, too and he wants to emphasize that boys are much 'better, stronger' already as babies? Normally there is not much difference between them. Or he wants to proove that his son won't be as short as him? I saw many twins and if one of them is much bigger, stronger than the other then there is something serious problem: any illness or one of them are not getting as much food.

      Besides, he always complains about his tiredness due to constant diaper changing meanwhile he has many helpers. But yes, partly true, it's tiring to be a dad at the age of a granny (even if he has plenty of nurses and servants) and drink alcohol all day. He is "befuddled and crying" because he has now realized the result of his middle age panic and offended vanity, and even that now he's no longer a sex symbol and he is aging 25 years in three.

      He got what he wanted just to overthrow Keibler. No CIA in it, no money in it, only stupidity.


Their twins will be this beautiful...

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Clooney and Amal are in trouble!

September 8 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal Alamuddin, #billionaire Clooney, #conspiracy theory, #fake twins

Clooney, Amal and their twins are in big trouble...according to Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette!

     Because the twins are currently hidden in Moses baskets, but how will they get real kids instead of the current "fake twins" or "toy dolls" if they start getting caught out of the Moses basket? What kind of kids are going to run around them? Hollywood "actor kids"? Or will they be able """successfully""" to hide them from paparazzi for a lifetime, so will not it ever turn out to raise "non-existent" children??? How much, how hundred millions would this play including more hundred people cost to CIA (and tax payers) during a liftime?

     Who will be the mother who lends her twins for money for playing Clooney's fake children for a lifetime for any mentally ill reason which Steinbeck and Lurkerette think? Or do they buy twins from orphanages? And how will they make the infants to play their fake children? Either Clooney will make them believe that he is the real father and they all will live their lives to the end this way happily? But for what stupid reason? Because Clooney is afraid of CIA and gets money and forced by the whole world for being ""very important person"" in politics? And will he be afraid for the end of his life? And how does CIA force him exactly? Will they not allow him to drink tequila anymore??? Oh, come on! By this way in both cases, if it lasts for a lifetime or for decades, the kids could already be their own blood-fed kids, right? What is the different between bringing up own children from birth and bringing up stranger children from birth (from the perspective of the children and the world)? Or does the CIA change diapers and bring up the kids in the background?

     Steinbeck and Lurkerette have seen too many stupid American spy films, they believe that America is all against the world, and the trick of 7.3 billion people is the goal of a lifelong acting for meaningless, senseless reasons created by Steinbeck-Lurkerette not to reveal being deadly jealous of Amal and in love with Clooney .

    In the end, it turns out that either Clooney or Amal and their family have killed J.F. Kennedy years ago! According to Steinbeck / Lurkerette - who are no better, no more nobles at all than Amal or Clooney scolded by them night and day, and  are unable to accept reality and come up with more and more inexplicable explanations - the American government having too much free time to play around and "forces?" an unworthy alcoholic filmstar (for money and by threatening) to marry a modernized Arab lawyer to """solve"""" the Arab-US conflict and forces them to play happy partners for a lifetime with orphanages or fake Hollywood kids.

    Would it really have such an influence on the CIA that it would be able to sacrifice two babies and their whole lives for the sake of an alleged cowardice which will not solve anything? And would everyone look at it with their hands in their lap and agree? Will this bring the world peace?  Did the """"sham-fake"""" marriage of Clooney make the world peace, the aim of CIA, or is it about making-solving the world peace? There are countless Arab-Jewish and Arab-Christian, Christian-Jewish marriages in Hollywood, have they brought the world peace? On the contrary, since then the situation has been much worse and getting worse step by step.

    Anyway, the most of mentally ill fans've switched to another stupid thing to not have to admit that Clooney and Amal are having sex. This is the """Surrogate Theory"""! Since they cannot deny the existence of twins they have twisted on the 'explanation' and they invented a "surrogate mother" to somehow explain the existence of twins "without sex". Pathetic. What matters was there a surrogate or not? What's wrong with this? Nothing. The children are still their and not the surrogate's. This Surrogate Theory just matters so that many stupid fans can be relieved and take a big breathe and hope on further that Clooney will not have sex with Amal, he's just waiting for the female and male fans and the truly big love "ANNA" he's hiding in his basement. 


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