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Charlie Sheen has an old AIDS and a new GIRLFRIEND

June 6 2017 Published on #Charlie Sheen, #AIDS, #new girlfriend, #alcoholist, #TMZ news

        It's shocking when I red on TMZ that Charlie Sheen with deadly disease AIDS has a new girlfriend!!! According to stupid TMZ this whore is "hot and smoking", and for others "pretty blond". And an great idiot or/and fame and money whore. Sad that in vain you have AIDS, in vain you are alcoholic, drug taker, in vain you are old and ugly and infectious you'll always get a bitch if you have enough money and fame! And this idiot Sheen even dragged her daughter into his filthy affair!

       What kind of female could be that who gets together with Charlie Sheen? Certainly only a total mentally ill or porno whore or any kind of whore who has anything OK but gets money and luxury, doesn't care about anything. Does anybody think that she "loves" Sheen and vice versa?

       If she does at least as much as money and fame. As much as 15 minutes fame, reputation which is obligatory and deserved for everybody... according to Americans. Of course Sheen is "proud"! He was proud of his every porno whores! Now he can be proud to manage to find an idiot at all who "loves" him and having sex with him....

New squeeze: Charlie Sheen introduced his girlfriend Jools on Thursday as the pair celebrated his daughter's 12th birthday at an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica

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