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George Clooney's New Response to the Middle Age Panic?

September 22 2017 Published on #Amal, #tired Clooney, #twins, #praising male twin

       I do not understand why Clooney is always praising that the male twin is bigger, stronger, wilder than the much smaller and weak female one! What the heck is the purpose of him with this? Does he have a minority complex next to Amal? Mainly that she just returned to the world of human rights. Either is he male chauvinist, too and he wants to emphasize that boys are much 'better, stronger' already as babies? Normally there is not much difference between them. Or he wants to proove that his son won't be as short as him? I saw many twins and if one of them is much bigger, stronger than the other then there is something serious problem: any illness or one of them are not getting as much food.

      Besides, he always complains about his tiredness due to constant diaper changing meanwhile he has many helpers. But yes, partly true, it's tiring to be a dad at the age of a granny (even if he has plenty of nurses and servants) and drink alcohol all day. He is "befuddled and crying" because he has now realized the result of his middle age panic and offended vanity, and even that now he's no longer a sex symbol and he is aging 25 years in three.

      He got what he wanted just to overthrow Keibler. No CIA in it, no money in it, only stupidity.


Their twins will be this beautiful...

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George Clooney (or a sperm donor) and Amal's fake robot twins have arrived!

June 7 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal, #twins, #fake twins, #giving birth, #sperm donor

So, according to the mentally ill Steinbeck and Lurkerette, Amal gave birth the fake robot infants and they gave the fake robots names, too: Ella and Alexander. I would be wondering where two real kids would be taken by them for the next 70-80 years to play fake family for a lifetime, just because Clooney is threatened and paid by CIA/terrorists for a lifetime as a "CIA asset"? Well Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette? Answer me! Is there some point in the whole thing at all?

Give it up already! Either the fake twins soon will die in a secret disease, weakness, inability, genetic defect? Then Clooney and Amal will immediately separated, divorce in sorrow? Tell me at last because I am in the fever of curiosity, what kind of pity you find this time?

But there is an other version of the stupidity, a kind of new development, namely that the twins by Amal's egg and a sperm donor man! So, children might be not fake but their father a strange man or terrorst.

 And what is the sense or point of a sperm donor if Clooney is the official father? I don't understand it exactly yet. And the sperm donor is very similar to Clooney? Just to have some stupid "explanation" if twins will resemble Clooney (nose, face, eyes)? For example Amal had searched for months a 100% look-a-like Clooney men that Clooney to play that he is the father "officially" and nobody to notice cheating? Clooney will bring up strange kids because is afraid of CIA/terrorists? What is the sense of it exactly? That stupid fans being in love with Clooney can calm and deceive themselves that although he is a father of two children but has no szex with Amal and he lives in celibate or only has sex with "Anna" in secret, either prostitutes, but not Amal? Is this bullshit better, easier to accept? On this basis, he could even be the "real father" if already he lives in "slavery" this way or that way.





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Amal Alamuddin's "prosthetic" bell

May 11 2017 Published on #Amal, #Clooney, #pregnancy, #fake bell

    According to mentally ill and schweinehund Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette, Amal does have a prothestic pregnancy bell in order to deceive the world, and "certainly" she makes a bigger one in every month. Because this is such a good thing! According to Mossad-paid and fanatic muslim-hater Steinbeck, Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney have settled for that in the future. Because Clooney is a "CIA-asset" and threatened and paid by CIA and Amal's terrorist family. You can laugh here...Clooney shall live the rest of his life to play a fake husband, fake father, fake lover and fake everything, because "he is afraid" of CIA and well paid. Alcoholist, whore mongering and a very bad actor Clooney is a very important "key-figure" in the politics of USA.

    So, In june, Amal is going to give birth prosthetic infants! Hollywood trick masters have already begun to manufacture the artificial infants and will make another ones in every half year for Clooney and Amal to play "parents" with prosthetic babies in public! And they will bring up prothestic children in the future, because this is good for Amal for any unknown reason! According to Steinbeck and Lurkerette! The 18-year-old prosthetic Clooney-children will be perfect robots with human form, like in the sci-fi films, because technique will evolve by that time and Clooneys will still happily play the "loving family"! Certainly meanwhile Clooney will steadily visiting "Anna", his "true love prohibited by CIA" in secret in the basement. Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy and Lurkerette are spreading this theory on every web site where they are allowed to write this hateful rubbish bullshits.

   Yes, dear readers, it can get to this by mental illness, and I'll send it to every fanatic "fan", including the middle aged oldmaid Delores Pauldo, who has been waiting for Hayden Christensen for 15 years. All of them are in deadly love an unknown celeb and cannot bear, tolerate that not being loved by the celebs. This poisoned their minds, took their common sense, and no doctors treat them. Pathetic.



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The Clooney story continues...

April 22 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal

     There isn't new development yet, but Amal-haters do not rest!

    Now Steinbeck doubled himself and recently he runs also under other name, Rocco Ahoy! This Rocco Ahoy keeps repeating the same rubbish bullshits that Steinbeck. Steinbeck untiringly writes and repeats the same nonsenses about Clooney and Amal on many websites. So does Rocco!

    Steinbeck is a fanatic, obsessed Mossad-paid jewish and a terrorist of Hamas. When he just not blowing up innocent people then works as a Mossad-paid agent and flickers and stirs up on the websites againts Amal.

    It seems Mossad pays very well because Steinbeck-Rocco Ahoy has time all day to sit in front of the computer and load up the pre-written hate speech texts. Steinbeck does that for living between two blasts.

   Lurkerette is just a simply mentally ill. Clooney-worship went to her brain, She feels lost Clooney and her mind created a non-exist person called "Anna" who is probably Lurkerette herself and the only great love of Clooney. Lurkerette also keeps scribbling bullshits on many websites, for example a website about Kentucky where LURKERETTE CONTINUOUSLY WRITES "THE TRUTH"  about poor forced Clooney as a "CIA-agent" while "Anna" patiently waits in the cellar hidden that Clooney visits and has sex with her once a month the most secretly. Pathetic.

   Because of his vanity and middle age crisis Clooney got caught up in something he could not climb out of, escaping without serious losses, so he could only go ahead and drifts further and trying to take advantage of the disadvantages.


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Clooney - Amal pregnancy story

February 12 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal, #pregnancy, #twins

New developments! Amal is pregnant with twins. Let's see how Steinbeck and Lurkerette see it!

According to them George Clooney is the new Michael Jackson (who is with 3 children from 3 different fathers by artifical insemination)!

So, Clooney - underwent vasectomy and/or his sperms are too old to be a father (both by his own admission?) and doesn't have sex with Amal at all but Anna and Waldo (Steinbeck saw it with his own eyes!) - will be a father of twins, soonly. According to mentally ill Steinbeck the "real father" of children is an ISIS terrorist probably, and of course by artifical insemination. And the 55-year-old alcoholic "CIA asset" - threatened every day by CIA - tolerates and bears it pretty well! And this threatend "CIA asset" will play the father of terrorist children and husband of a terrorist for 30 years or until he dies for a fun and daily terror, because he terrifies of CIA. Since Clooney is a key figure in the American history and also in the CIA history. Without Clooney America crashes!

Imagine an 55-year-old "CIA asset" and later then a 85-year-old rickety, sitting-in-wheelchair  "CIA asset" Clooney still terrifying and threatening by CIA to stay with the 70-year-old still terrorist Amal and with the 30-year-old twins! Of course, Anna's even going to wait for Clooney in the basement, faithfully.

Certainly, Steinbeck still keeps hoping in a "false/fake miscarriage" explaining Clooney's pretending life (in which he is happy and satisfied).

But it is also possible that CIA "allows" him in ten-twenty years to divorce!

And certainly, according to Lurkerette, not Amal is pregnant, but ANNA (in the basement) or with an Amal-mask on her face, and she will the mother of the twins but Amal and Clooney will bring them up. Sometimes Anna can see her children in secret, and the twins will never know their "real mummy". Because Clooney terryfies and is threatened by CIA!

Shall we guffaw or shall we weep?

No, this picture is NOT a MISTAKE!


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The Clooney - Amal probable truth

January 18 2017 Published on #Amal, #Clooney, #Stacy Keibler, #truth

   The truth is probably that Stacy Keibler found a much younger and richer, billionaire man and married him then had a child with him. In additional Elisabetta Canalis also married and got pregnant with a doctor. Clooney was humilitaded in front of people, because if two trash, stupid women degraded by Clooney found younger and wealthier men to marry then it did not have a problem with women but Clooney! Clooney had to find quickly an educated, not-celeb woman to marry to be able to strike back them, saying: - Look, here is a much better, cleverer woman than you, of course she is worth it to get married! So, it is not problem with me but still with you! So far, I didn't find the proper woman, but now I happily get married to a valuable woman.

   Does he love Amal or not? Who knows it?

   First we should know that had Clooney ever been in love at all? Maybe he even does not know the answer...

   Since Kiebler and Canalis do not intention to divorce and both had a child, so Clooney had to move forward and re-evaluate things. If he is once married - whatever the reasons - then it is necessary to profit from it in the long run, because if he divorces sooner than Kiebler or Canalis, he will fall short again, he will be the looser again. This is why he is probably thinking of a political carrier in the future (in vain he denies), maybe as president, and now Clooney paves the way to be president 10 years later when people remember Clooney as a "decent husband" with wife with pearl necklace and hat and with two children (the typical family model in USA). The next generation will hardly remember Clooney's alcoholist and whore past. It will be history for them and he will be quite "international" for immmigrants to vote him.


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January 16 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal, #relationship

Let me summarize the mentally ill Steinbeck's and the other mentally ill Lurkerette's rubbish nonsense on Clooney and Amal's relationship! (with my not perfect English)

Amal, in 1982, at the age of 4, became terrorist with her arms dealer uncle together after jewish Steinbeck's Israel invaded Lebanon (for the first time) and many people fled, Alamuddin family, too. They fled all the way to England, to that England which called for the formation of Israel anno (Balfour Declaration). Since then the anti-Western and anti-America Amal and her uncle have kept exploding and inciting against West- and USA - even accidentally not against Israel and Jews - while the family lived luxury life in England from terrorism. The ugly, anti Western/USA, terrorist Amal did not get marry at the age of 9 but went to the university to be lawyer of human rights and did everything which are mortal sins in Islam: drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, wearing mini skirts, non-wearing burqa and so long, and finally becoming famous by an alcoholic, whore monger American filmstar to marry. She only defends islam terrorists as a human rights lawyer but no one seems to assume that she (and other lawyers with her) defends only terrorists. Every terrorist certainly studies to be human rights lawyer to be able to defend each others!

Clooney - who has cca. 200 million on his own - gets couple of millions (or one billion) from CIA, as a "CIA asset" and also is threatened by CIA to marry the ugly, anti-USA, terrorist and rich Amal, because the CIA thinks so that the big-stinky-nobody alcoholic, whore monger Clooney and Amal's marriage is a very good gesture to the Islam that USA is not angry because Islam wants to destroy America and the whole Christianity. Clooney creates a huge 3-day-long fake wedding with fake papers with fake guests in agreement with the Italian and British governments and authorities, and he starts trash her wife under pseudonyms on the internet as a revenge and it makes him very happy, splashing in the happiness that he managed easily fooled the CIA and his wife!

Meanwhile in USA, Clooney's 'real love', the big-nobody "Anna" is also threatened by CIA and has been waiting for 20 years in the basement, hidden, secretly, patiently, in burqa for that her big love, the alcoholist, whore monger and secretly GAY Clooney shares his time between her and his other big love, the hairdresser Waldo - already when he is just sober and just not belittles his wife on the internet. And Clooney, Amal, Anna, Waldo and the CIA live happily together until they die...or just would live if it were not Steinbeck and Lurkerette who do know the truth and do not leave it at that! They do know also that Clooney has not have sexed with anybody else but Anna/Waldo in the last 20 years, and he paid whores millions for NOT having sex with them, only grinning with them on the red carpet for 20 years! As if it would matter to CIA whether Clooney loves the grinning whore or not beside him! So, he was faithful during the last 20 years, in fact, practically Clooney is still virgin and a poor victim! The End.

Shall we weep or shall we guffaw?


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