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Hayden Christensen Broke Up, Delores Pauldo is in Euphoria right away!

September 22 2017 Published on #Hayden Christensen, #Rachel Bilson, #broke up, #creepy fan, #Anakin Skywalker, #Darth Wader

      Yes, Hayden Christensen/Anakin Skywalker/Darth Wader and Rachel Bilson have just split up after 9 years, and the creepy, ugly, old and still virgin Delores Pauldo is now full drunken and continually dancing around the campfire celebrating this 'good news' until to get out of breath. she thinks he "was right"! Because according to her, Hayden has been hating Rachel for 9 years, making a child for joke. She believes that her dreams of 15 years have come true and Hayden now is going to run her, to fall in love with her and to be hers!

     Now she is convinced even more that Hayden shall soon be looking for her and choose her as WIFE, only Rachel was the obstacle between them so far. LOLOL. But remember! They have already broken up once for 4-5 months and were engaged, too!

    Unfortunately for Delores, if not Rachel then another young and famous actress (or similar) will come to his life, not a 50-y-old maniac, mentally ill fan...


Hayden and Rachel split

Hayden and Rachel split

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