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Why does Steinbeck hate his sister, Amal Alamuddin?

August 2 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal Alamuddin, #sister, #brother, #Steinbeck

    Mentally ill Steinbeck/Rocco Ahoy is a very bad sibling. He hates his sister Amal Alamuddin because his big love, George Clooney loves not him but her, Amal. In additional, Steinbeck is deadly jealous of Amal because of George and he found a partner in hating Amal in the other mentally ill and Clooney admirer person of Lurkerette.

   Unfortunately, the jewish Steinbeck hates his sister, Amal, because she comes from Lebanon and everybody knows well that jewish DNA and arab DNA from the islam countries around Israel are almost the same, the similarity between of two DNAs is 99%. This is why jewish and arab hate each other, because they cannot decide whether which of them was there sooner and which of them comes from the other nation. Arab from jewish or jewish from arab??? So, the fact is they are sisters and brothers, relatives.

    Steinbeck is a very bad brother.

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