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Hayden Christensen Broke Up, Delores Pauldo is in Euphoria right away!

September 22 2017 Published on #Hayden Christensen, #Rachel Bilson, #broke up, #creepy fan, #Anakin Skywalker, #Darth Wader

      Yes, Hayden Christensen/Anakin Skywalker/Darth Wader and Rachel Bilson have just split up after 9 years, and the creepy, ugly, old and still virgin Delores Pauldo is now full drunken and continually dancing around the campfire celebrating this 'good news' until to get out of breath. she thinks he "was right"! Because according to her, Hayden has been hating Rachel for 9 years, making a child for joke. She believes that her dreams of 15 years have come true and Hayden now is going to run her, to fall in love with her and to be hers!

     Now she is convinced even more that Hayden shall soon be looking for her and choose her as WIFE, only Rachel was the obstacle between them so far. LOLOL. But remember! They have already broken up once for 4-5 months and were engaged, too!

    Unfortunately for Delores, if not Rachel then another young and famous actress (or similar) will come to his life, not a 50-y-old maniac, mentally ill fan...


Hayden and Rachel split

Hayden and Rachel split

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Hayden Christensen's fool fan

January 18 2017 Published on #Hayden Christensen, #fool fan, #Rachel Bilson, #relationship

Hayden Christensen's mentally ill fool fan is "Delores Pauldo". She is near to 50 and still virgin (saving her virginity to Hayden - LOL), desperately in love with a dream image she has never met and never will. She has been waiting for Hayden Christensen for 15 years, since the second Star Wars film-trilogy.

She is a legendary hatred of Rachel Bilson, and she is convinced that Hayden once will love and marry her, if Rachel Bilson - who is a wicked witch - somehow dissappears of his life, she just has to wait and belittles Rachel, and a one fine day Hayden will recognize that Delores Pauldo is the ONE for him! And so she has been waiting....But not Rachel is the reason why Hayden does not her! If he were impotent and no girls wanted him, he even would not want Delores Pauldo!

A quotation from her stupidity:

"You stupidRache forced herself on him OK. And Jared should tell the truth about it instead ar mentionning her all the time. She didn't stay with Adam like that and have a child Hayden don't deserve to be with her at all. Rachel used Hayden cause she can used nobody else. I would be a better woman for him than Rachel."

She is at least as much unhinged wit as Steinbeck and Lurkerette. She can still keeps saying the same crap...just like Steinbeck and Lurkerette.

In additional, according this mad woman Hayden Christensen is being forced by Bilson to be with Rachel Bilson for ten years! And also being forced to have a child with Bilson by Bilson! But how? They are not married, not engaged, Hayden walking free between Canada and USA. She thinks that Hayden is a poor victim of Bilson for 10 years!

It's sure Hayden does hate Delores Pauldo most in the world!!!! How can mentally handicapped Delores Pauldo imagine that Hayden will love her who curses, belittles his love of 10 years, Rachel, the mother of his child???? She is convinced that Hayden deserves a "better partner" because he is a "good person" while she doesn't even know Hayden personally, never met him, not live in the same country and she has no any pale purple idea how good or bad person is Hayden in reality or how bad or good person is Rachel in reality! But she adores the wonderful Hayden and loathes the bad Rachel...She just make him perfect in her ill mind, she just empowers him with good qualities in her mind and is in love with her perfect prince.

She cannot explain it but insists this bullshit, and dreams nignt and day about Hayden and the marriage and love with him. She is concerned that she is the only one and the right one for him.

And she still keeps walking free in the streets....



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