Clooney and Amal's Marriage Licence

February 25 2017 Published on #Clooney, Amal marriage licence

According to the mentally ill Lurkerette and Steinbeck, this is just fake and Clooney paid millions for fake marriage licence and for authorities to bribe.



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Roman Polanski - an "innocent" man

February 19 2017 Published on #Roman Polanski, #rape, #Samantha Geimer, #crime

   Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old-girl 40 years ago, in the mansion of Jack Nicholson. That why was an underage girl in the infamous whore monger's house, I don't know, but if somebody knows, please write to me! Since then Polanski has been banned from USA and still wanted by police. Normal people agree that this kind of crime is not time-barred.

So, this Polanski now wants to go to the USA. His victim, Samantha Geimer told that the "raping was not the end of the world" and not a "pathetic creature" and "doesn't want to be used by judge and others". OK! Already years ago famous film- and popstars demostrationed in order to allowing Polanski into USA, because "he is innocent" and otherwise it "happened so long time ago, it was probably not true".

    Dismay! If a crime happened long time ago, it doesn't matter anymore? And anyway, poor he is "so talented" just because made some stupid films which nobody remembers of. It clearly shows how celebs think about rape, molestating, domestic violence, drogs, alcohol, cheating and other crimes and why it happens so often in Hollywood. She was noname, he is famous. He is right. He is the victim actually. In additional, he is not a "simple" raper, he is also a paedophile !

    Even is also sad the victim, doesn't want to be a victim anymore, she forgave him, her raping was "not the end of the world", she survived, that's all and wants USA let him in the USA and she could face him anytime sans any bad feelings. In fact, probably befriending with him, either having sex with him. Horrible.

       And we are surprised that nobody takes serious rapings saying "she also wanted" and we are surprised about blaming victims/women! No surpries! Other women are humilitated by police, judge and sociaty because of these women.

        Rape (and any crime) should be rape forever even though the victim "forgives". I understand that she doesn't want to be "famous" by her raping but the raper should be punished. Although she survived and forgot it. Many women, girls, children suffered eternal wounds (soul and body) by rape. It shouldn't be allow men to think raping is good for some women and no big deal. And not celebrities should decide about a raper, just because famous, and just because Hollywood is full of prostitutes and in Hollywood, every day a woman is raped by a famous filmstar and it is natural and never will be revealed.

A paedophile raper


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Clooney - Amal pregnancy story

February 12 2017 Published on #Clooney, #Amal, #pregnancy, #twins

New developments! Amal is pregnant with twins. Let's see how Steinbeck and Lurkerette see it!

According to them George Clooney is the new Michael Jackson (who is with 3 children from 3 different fathers by artifical insemination)!

So, Clooney - underwent vasectomy and/or his sperms are too old to be a father (both by his own admission?) and doesn't have sex with Amal at all but Anna and Waldo (Steinbeck saw it with his own eyes!) - will be a father of twins, soonly. According to mentally ill Steinbeck the "real father" of children is an ISIS terrorist probably, and of course by artifical insemination. And the 55-year-old alcoholic "CIA asset" - threatened every day by CIA - tolerates and bears it pretty well! And this threatend "CIA asset" will play the father of terrorist children and husband of a terrorist for 30 years or until he dies for a fun and daily terror, because he terrifies of CIA. Since Clooney is a key figure in the American history and also in the CIA history. Without Clooney America crashes!

Imagine an 55-year-old "CIA asset" and later then a 85-year-old rickety, sitting-in-wheelchair  "CIA asset" Clooney still terrifying and threatening by CIA to stay with the 70-year-old still terrorist Amal and with the 30-year-old twins! Of course, Anna's even going to wait for Clooney in the basement, faithfully.

Certainly, Steinbeck still keeps hoping in a "false/fake miscarriage" explaining Clooney's pretending life (in which he is happy and satisfied).

But it is also possible that CIA "allows" him in ten-twenty years to divorce!

And certainly, according to Lurkerette, not Amal is pregnant, but ANNA (in the basement) or with an Amal-mask on her face, and she will the mother of the twins but Amal and Clooney will bring them up. Sometimes Anna can see her children in secret, and the twins will never know their "real mummy". Because Clooney terryfies and is threatened by CIA!

Shall we guffaw or shall we weep?

No, this picture is NOT a MISTAKE!


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Mourning to joy - Poor Carrie Fisher and Debby Reynolds!

February 4 2017 Published on #Carrie Fisher, #Debbie Reynolds, #Mourn, #Billie Lourd

I was shocked when last December Princess Leia died - and her mother Debbie Reynolds, too, who I do not really know. I am still sad but her daughter, Billie Lourd, isn't a mourning type. Some days after the double death she was smiling with friends and later had fun and vacation on a beach. Many people in my circles think so that was quite strange, especially if someone lost two close family members in two days. According to some interesting articles, she "deserves" fun after she has lost her mother and grandmother only just couple days earlier. So, if someone lost family members she'll deserve "reward". If she cryed a little, as is proper, it can come after the well-deserved fun?

But there are very stupid fans (for example GUEST on Disqus) who think "mourning" can be "several", not only crying in the room. For example mourning can be FUNNY, entertaining, alcohol vapoured, sex orgia and so long. What Billie Lourd doing is just a """kind of mourning"""! Poor she!

Then why mourning is mourning? Why is it specifying? Why there are strict rules of mourning in many societies?

In those "many kind of mournings" who mourns at all?

And in this case, if she really "mourns" this way, then what would she do if she is NOT in the mourning? If someone mourns by having fun or working, really mourns or just does not want to mourn, does not want to deal with it?

Oh, of course! "She is grieving inside, outside fun". Because Carrie Fisher taught it to her. Debbie Reynolds succumbed to a loss, but her granddaughter fell far from the tree.



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