Roman Polanski - an "innocent" man

February 19 2017 Published on #Roman Polanski, #rape, #Samantha Geimer, #crime

   Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old-girl 40 years ago, in the mansion of Jack Nicholson. That why was an underage girl in the infamous whore monger's house, I don't know, but if somebody knows, please write to me! Since then Polanski has been banned from USA and still wanted by police. Normal people agree that this kind of crime is not time-barred.

So, this Polanski now wants to go to the USA. His victim, Samantha Geimer told that the "raping was not the end of the world" and not a "pathetic creature" and "doesn't want to be used by judge and others". OK! Already years ago famous film- and popstars demostrationed in order to allowing Polanski into USA, because "he is innocent" and otherwise it "happened so long time ago, it was probably not true".

    Dismay! If a crime happened long time ago, it doesn't matter anymore? And anyway, poor he is "so talented" just because made some stupid films which nobody remembers of. It clearly shows how celebs think about rape, molestating, domestic violence, drogs, alcohol, cheating and other crimes and why it happens so often in Hollywood. She was noname, he is famous. He is right. He is the victim actually. In additional, he is not a "simple" raper, he is also a paedophile !

    Even is also sad the victim, doesn't want to be a victim anymore, she forgave him, her raping was "not the end of the world", she survived, that's all and wants USA let him in the USA and she could face him anytime sans any bad feelings. In fact, probably befriending with him, either having sex with him. Horrible.

       And we are surprised that nobody takes serious rapings saying "she also wanted" and we are surprised about blaming victims/women! No surpries! Other women are humilitated by police, judge and sociaty because of these women.

        Rape (and any crime) should be rape forever even though the victim "forgives". I understand that she doesn't want to be "famous" by her raping but the raper should be punished. Although she survived and forgot it. Many women, girls, children suffered eternal wounds (soul and body) by rape. It shouldn't be allow men to think raping is good for some women and no big deal. And not celebrities should decide about a raper, just because famous, and just because Hollywood is full of prostitutes and in Hollywood, every day a woman is raped by a famous filmstar and it is natural and never will be revealed.

A paedophile raper


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