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Aniston-Jolie war has ended?

May 30 2017 Published on #Jennifer Aniston, #Angelina Jolie, #Brad Pitt, #marriage, #war, #Clooney, #cheating

Was it war at all once?

     Both sides of their fans claim that both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are angels, saints and Virgin Maries. Certainly it's not true even from far. Aniston anno threatened the teenager Brittney Spears to beat her if she dared to dream about Brad Pitt, because Aniston was that much jelous of every girls including children. She was clinging with her tooth and nail to the bad "belle boy" whom every woman desires in the whole world. Both of them are an average players.

    The anorexic, bulimic and self-starving Jolie simply jumped on Brad Pitt during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and forced him to leave Aniston and marry her. Of course, Jolie has got what she wanted: a drugtaker, alkoholist filmstar who cheated Jolie as many times as he could, even during when Jolie was giving birth the twins. In vain Jolie finished all of her friendships to be able around Pitt 24 hours a day and in vain she hired private eye to follow every step of Pitt. Aniston was also blame to because she made him mad by her jealousy. In additional, the drugtaker, alcoholist Brad Pitt slowly looks as bad as George Clooney. Jolie suddenly realized in the shadow of breast cancer and ovarian cancer that Brad was not the most appropriate partner for achieving a healthy and long-lasting life, for whom she had become bone thin to keep her "youth" and to stop Brad's infidelity. She did not really succeed. And now she knew it. It is not so good to be the wife  of the "most beautiful men" in the world.

Finally, they both got what they deserved: bad marriage!

Maybe they could make friends.

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