George Clooney's New Response to the Middle Age Panic?

September 22 2017 Published on #Amal, #tired Clooney, #twins, #praising male twin

       I do not understand why Clooney is always praising that the male twin is bigger, stronger, wilder than the much smaller and weak female one! What the heck is the purpose of him with this? Does he have a minority complex next to Amal? Mainly that she just returned to the world of human rights. Either is he male chauvinist, too and he wants to emphasize that boys are much 'better, stronger' already as babies? Normally there is not much difference between them. Or he wants to proove that his son won't be as short as him? I saw many twins and if one of them is much bigger, stronger than the other then there is something serious problem: any illness or one of them are not getting as much food.

      Besides, he always complains about his tiredness due to constant diaper changing meanwhile he has many helpers. But yes, partly true, it's tiring to be a dad at the age of a granny (even if he has plenty of nurses and servants) and drink alcohol all day. He is "befuddled and crying" because he has now realized the result of his middle age panic and offended vanity, and even that now he's no longer a sex symbol and he is aging 25 years in three.

      He got what he wanted just to overthrow Keibler. No CIA in it, no money in it, only stupidity.


Their twins will be this beautiful...

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