The Clooney - Amal probable truth

January 18 2017 Published on #Amal, #Clooney, #Stacy Keibler, #truth

   The truth is probably that Stacy Keibler found a much younger and richer, billionaire man and married him then had a child with him. In additional Elisabetta Canalis also married and got pregnant with a doctor. Clooney was humilitaded in front of people, because if two trash, stupid women degraded by Clooney found younger and wealthier men to marry then it did not have a problem with women but Clooney! Clooney had to find quickly an educated, not-celeb woman to marry to be able to strike back them, saying: - Look, here is a much better, cleverer woman than you, of course she is worth it to get married! So, it is not problem with me but still with you! So far, I didn't find the proper woman, but now I happily get married to a valuable woman.

   Does he love Amal or not? Who knows it?

   First we should know that had Clooney ever been in love at all? Maybe he even does not know the answer...

   Since Kiebler and Canalis do not intention to divorce and both had a child, so Clooney had to move forward and re-evaluate things. If he is once married - whatever the reasons - then it is necessary to profit from it in the long run, because if he divorces sooner than Kiebler or Canalis, he will fall short again, he will be the looser again. This is why he is probably thinking of a political carrier in the future (in vain he denies), maybe as president, and now Clooney paves the way to be president 10 years later when people remember Clooney as a "decent husband" with wife with pearl necklace and hat and with two children (the typical family model in USA). The next generation will hardly remember Clooney's alcoholist and whore past. It will be history for them and he will be quite "international" for immmigrants to vote him.


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